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How to become popular on Youtube?

Becoming popular on YouTube isn’t all that easy anymore. When you consider the number of users you need to compete with or the number of videos your video needs to share screen space with, the figures are simply staggering. If you’re really serious about becoming popular on YouTube, you need to ensure that you roll up your socks and prepare yourself for the long haul – it will take a lot of time, effort and patience, but in the end, your efforts will be well worth the results that you achieve. Remember, no successful venture was built overnight and Rome wasn’t built in a day. You need to maintain the same level of dedication, commitment and quality over a long period of time. Here are a few tips to help you understand how to become popular on YouTube.

Venturing off the beaten path

Most of us have no idea what to do with our lives during school and junior college. We desire to become professional sports men one day, and Hollywood celebrities the next. However, one thing that most youngsters are sure about is that they would love to become famous on YouTube. If you’re one of these youngsters and are ready to put in that extra effort, remember that it makes sense to go that extra mile and try out something which the world hasn’t seen before. Your popularity ultimately depends on your individuality. This is one of the main reasons why venturing off the beaten path actually helps you to become popular on YouTube.

Focus on offering your viewers with topical content

If you wish to become famous in the shortest possible time, it is always beneficial to create content on a topic which is in demand. This content could be anything that suits your particular interests and skills – remixes of in demand videos, movie reviews, parody of a recent movie, content that is related to a major happening in the world, etc. Make sure that your video title clearly talks about the particular topic to ensure that it winds up on the list of recommended videos for user searches.

Start Small, Start Slow

When it comes to becoming popular on YouTube, it always helps to start small and start slow. The surest way to failure and doom on YouTube is by over rushing things and by catering to the wrong markets at the wrong time. You need to start slowly with your YouTube career and get promoted as you work your way up the ladder with the help of subscriptions and viewers. By starting slow and building up your subscribers, you can literally ensure that you become popular in the long run, provided you maintain your quality and are dedicated enough. One of the best ways of learning what works on YouTube and what doesn’t is by trial and error and this requires you to prepare for the long haul and be patient.

Playlists are an excellent way of increasing your views

buy YouTube viewsPlaylists are one of the best ways to increase the number of views your videos receive. In short, a playlist is a simple list of the videos which play in a particular order, with one video playing after the next. The best part about a playlist is that it appears separately in different search results and allows a greater deal of Search Engine Optimization for your YouTube channel. For example, if your playlist has a video of the performance of an Audi as well as a video of the performance of a Mercedes, it will show in searches for Mercedes as well as Audi. This allows users to either select the particular video or browse through your entire playlist, thereby giving your videos a greater opportunity to become popular.

Don’t expect huge results right away

There might be times when you feel as if everything that you do is ultimately a waste of time. When it comes to success on YouTube, never expect the results of your efforts to become visible right away. There may be times when you don’t get any benefits for your hard work for months at a stretch. However, what is important is that you settle down for the long run and continue with your efforts. Remember, the right content, the right practices and your perseverance will never let you down and will ensure that you become popular in the long run.

Add onto your subscribers

Subscribers are the best ways to increase your YouTube video views. The concepts of YouTube Subscribers are quite similar to that of Facebook Fans. After all, the users who subscribe to your YouTube channel are more likely to view your videos than those who don’t. This mainly happens because they subscribed to your channel only because they like your work. So if you come up with a new video, they would be among the first ones to watch it on YouTube. The more subscribers you have, the more views your video gets in the first few days after being posted. So how do you build up on your subscribers? The best way to build and develop your list of subscribers is by including a call to action in your videos. Yes, great content is definitely a prerequisite, but you could add a call to action which asks your viewers to subscribe to your channel if they liked the video. Most might not remember to subscribe to your channel while watching the video, but if you include a call to action, many of them might end up subscribing to your channel, thereby giving you a greater viewership for your future videos.

Ignore the Haters

No matter what sphere of life you venture into, there will always be people who love your work and people who hate your work. Having haters is one of the side effects of being popular on YouTube and if you’re not getting hate mail and threats, you haven’t yet become popular. Remember, that your ultimate goal is not to please the world, but yourself. So the best thing to do is ignore your haters, take in positive criticism and stay focused on your objectives.

Take advantage of the YouTube Community

If you haven’t yet taken advantage of the YouTube Community, now is the time to do so. Make sure that you subscribe to the channels that interest you and comment on videos that you like. This can be extremely beneficial for your profile as it makes you more visible to the YouTube users. Not only do you manage to build meaningful communications with other users in the YouTube world, you also manage to ensure a steady increase in the number of views that your videos receive.