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How to customize your YouTube channel?

YouTube channels have become more user friendly and easier to customize over the years. You can create your own playlists and list of favourites and also get access to a wide range of editing options for your YouTube channel to customize it as per your liking and make it reflect the videos that you upload. These customizations allow you to create eye catching channels which are more likely to grab the attention of your viewers and allow for better organized pages and wider videos.

There was a time when users had to manually upgrade their YouTube channels to get the new designs. However, if you are a new YouTube user, you get direct access to these sleeker, user friendly and dynamic designs and are offered with a wide range of editing options to create the perfect look for your channel. You also need to ensure that you edit the video content settings to make them match your customized channels. Luckily, the user friendliness of YouTube allows you to do this with a few simple clicks and you don’t need to be a tech guru to customize your YouTube channels.

buy high retention YouTube ViewsOne of the most ways of customizing your YouTube channel is to make the most of the in-channel editing options available. These editing options allow you to edit your privacy settings, profile information, recent activity, list of subscribers, comments, themes, modules and channel settings. Furthermore, users who have no experience with design or CSS can also beautify their respective channels by selecting preset themes and playing with the designs and colours to get the perfect look. It is also possible to upload custom backgrounds and display or remove content modules.

With such a vast range of customizations available, there is no reason why you cannot create the perfect looking channel which not only complements your videos but also offers your subscribers an insight into your personality. Here are a few tips on how to customize your YouTube channel.

Adjusting the file size of your background image

YouTube images are constrained to 256KB. This means that if you want a high resolution background image for your YouTube channel, you need to compress the file size with the help of a photo editor. This process might sound complicated, but is actually quite simple. You can choose from a number of online photo editors to change your image size or simply make do with Microsoft Paint as well. Once you’re done with your editing, you can easily upload your new background images on YouTube and make them appear as your channel background.

Create a recognizable brand into the designs

It is extremely important to create a brand which can be recognized in your visual materials across all sorts of devices such as Smartphones, laptops, mobiles, tablets, etc. Make sure that your logo has a reference to your online brand. However, if you yourself are the brand, don’t make the mistake of placing this image in the place where your profile picture should be placed. Since your ultimate goal is to become popular on YouTube, you need to ensure that you are seen.

Expand your colour palette
You can use any colour that you desire by inputting its hex code. This allows you to play with a wider range of colours and expand your colour palette, which in turn allows you to completely customize your YouTube channel as per your liking.

Optimizing your YouTube channel

You need to make sure that you use the best case practices when it comes to optimizing your YouTube channel if you want to become popular on YouTube. The best way to optimize your YouTube channel is to connect your websites, your social media profiles and your product sites to your YouTube channel, thereby making it simpler for your viewers to find you on their favourite platforms.

Tagging your videos

Make sure that you don’t forget to tag your videos according to their context or topics. The process is quite similar to what you would follow with your blogs and your bookmarks. The main idea of tagging your video is to make it easier for your audience to find them and make them more visible in the search engine results. Remember that the tags chosen by you should not only best describe your content, but should also be popular topics which are searched by a number of users.

Personalize your Home tab

What you do with your Home tabs is completely up to you. YouTube allows you to select how you want your Home tabs to be viewed right from the onset. Some users prefer to have a write up in their home tabs while others simply showcase their latest uploads. There are those who create introductory videos for their Home tabs in order to personalize the experience for non-subscribers. What you ultimately do with your Home tab depends on how you want your channel to come across to your subscribers. Ideally, you should ensure that you use processes which you are compatible with and display your Home tab in a way which suits you the most.

Designing introduction credits or a cover page for all your videos

Most users on YouTube fail to design introductory credits or cover pages for their videos. However, those who do follow this practice would vouch for the fact that it helps them to reinforce their brand on platforms where their videos have not been embedded. It also helps them to build their audience by offering a consistent and reliable image of their brand.

Grouping your videos into playlists

Grouping similar videos into different playlists is an excellent way to encourage your viewers to watch related videos. By creating a playlist, you allow the users to play through each video without having to press play again. This also helps you to increase the viewership for the various videos posted by you.

Monitoring the Discussion tab

It is normal for your videos to get praises and spiteful comments on YouTube. The reason why YouTube is known to be one of the best personal mediums is that it showcases the best and worst of humanity and allows users to speak their mind. Therefore, you need to monitor the conversation flow in your Discussions tab and delete comments which are harmful or hurtful to other people or communities.

Staying updated
Make sure that you stay updated with the constant developments of YouTube. The best way to keep in touch with the various innovations and upgrades being offered by YouTube is to check out the “Press & Blog” section on YouTube from time to time.